We specialize in group, team, and school orders. We are not your average screen printing company - we are driven by the desire to produce an above average garment, that is different than anything your team has seen before, that people will want to wear over and over again. We want to create unique art work just for you, and we want you to love what we create together. Unlike many companies, we WANT to find you that unique garment, and we WANT to offer your more choices. We carry metallics, holographics, glitters, mattes, glitter flecks, and not mention the crystals. 

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You are an amazing human being.

If we can put the thought in your head that you are sexy, awesome, and a gift to those around you - we consider it a great day. We hope our clothing has a lasting positive effect in everyone's mind.

Jasper & Peg are the nick names of my grandparents. They continue to be a source of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The logo is meant to look like a compass, as my grandfather was our family's "north".

Our Story

Through a desire to empower women of all ages, colors, and sizes grew a positive and uplifting clothing brand - Jasper & Peg. We represent the belief that all people have beauty within them, and should recognize their potential to be great. We are thankful you are here and we hope you are too.

Based on these values, we selectively chose our sumptuous fabrics and beautiful materials to create what we consider to be an exceptional garment. Keeping things close to home is also important to us, so everything is fabricated, embellished, and assembled here in sunny California.  

We are fueled by the love and support of our amazing friends and family. All of our garments are hand embellished by our small team of three lovely ladies. And to remind you that you are great, we tucked love notes throughout each garment. 

California Hand Embellished Clothing that affirms your true beauty. Eye catching custom group orders for the everyday fabulous! Call us today to create your amazing school, team, group, or company apparel. 

Phone: 209-832-0699
Email: brea@jasperandpeg.com
Website: www.jasperandpeg.com
Appointments: https://jasperandpeg.appointlet.com/

Brea: Designer
Lisa: Manager
Lianna: Embellisher / Customer Service
Kaela: Sales Associate 
Jenny: Sales Associate

Owner & founder Breanne Bumanlag graduated from California College of the Arts with a degree in Interior Design and Architecture. Her passion for graphic design and the desire to create clothing that contrasts the "shock value" sayings now seen on young adults pushed her to create positive, uplifting, empowering designs for women of all ages. Growing up with a mother that successfully ran her own graphics company for more than 16 years inspires her everyday to continuously grow as an entrepreneur. Having worked in retail since the age of 16, combined with experience from multiple fashion start-ups, and interior firms - her work experience has exposed her to the numerous elements managing an online store. Working with clients to create a custom design is nothing new to Breanne, as she has been behind the scenes with her mother for over a decade helping people create their graphics from scratch. She lives in sunny California and enjoys running, hiking, & eating as much ice cream as possible. 


β€œIt’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” - Paulo Coelho

 We are constantly bursting with sassy new ideas - stay tuned as the company grows.