LA Trip Recap

Super late update, but better late than never!

The trip down to LA was awesome, and even though there were a few hiccups in our plans it was totally worth it to spread the word of bling to the citizens of El Segundo :) 

Basically, we got to the school around noon and didn't stop moving until the very end of the day- it was so busy! Setting up, helping customers, getting custom orders down- everyone was occupied, and we were so grateful to have the kids from the choir club helping out with everything.

The proceeds of our ESHS event went towards sending their choir out to Nashville, which is super rad and something that we loved to help out with! It was also just nice to get the whole school covered in school spirit (with bling) from Jasper and Peg!

The result? Lots of new clients and customers that are opening even more windows of opportunity for Jasper and Peg expansion! Our new etsy for El Segundo Spirit Bling is already up and running, and over the holiday break we will be introducing a bunch of new products so be on the lookout!

Excited to keep moving forward- and you should be too! 


Side-note: We at Jasper and Peg send our deepest condolences to the families affected by the tragedy at LAX- our love goes out to those suffering and we hope everyone is doing better!